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Planning management for Aura Israel

433 residential units in four towers: ~5,000 square meter of commercial and residential spaces and three underground parking levels at the Maccabi Hadera site

82 residential units in two buildings above an underground parking garage at the Danya project


Mixed residential and commercial project of 208 residential units and 350 square meter

commercial spaces, plus three underground parking levels, at the Dafna site in Tel Aviv


Management of Construction of Hadera Energy Park, New Business Complex

Developing infrastructures for a new business complex consisting of more than 450,000 square meter earmarked for employment, commerce, and an integrated transportation hub.

Complex consisting of more than 4 km. of new roads and infrastructures, including a dedicated public transportation lane and a water carrier across train tracks.

Coordination with many various entities, including multiple developers, Netivei Israel Ltd., Israel Railways Co. Ltd., oil and gas pipeline companies, the JNF, and Israel Electrical Corporation, and others.

Energy Park

Management of Construction of Arba Agudot (Yuliana) and Shikmona Streets in Hadera, New East-West Axis

Opening a new 1.7-km. long east-to-west traffic route in Hadera, of a total area of about 35,000 square meter


Landscape Development: Management of Upgrade of Menachem Begin Street, Hadera

Upgrade of Menachem Begin Street by developing the landscape of the street as the entrance route to the city’s tourism center (hotels, the boardwalk, and beaches).


Management of Construction of Sportan Complex, Hadera, Development of New Residential Site

Developing new streets in the former Sportan Complex, Hadera, for the sake of residential towers of some 300 units, as well as upgrading existing streets to benefit the existing neighborhood.


Management of Upgrade of Public Transportation, Hadera

Spearheading process to upgrade Hadera’s public transportation:

  • Planning axes giving preference to public transportation.

  • Upgrading existing city lines.

  • Reorganizing the city’s public transportation lines, both intra- and intercity.

Public Transportation, Hadera

Planning management of residential units and commercial spaces for Azorim Ltd.

564 residential units,  plus ~2,200 square meter of commercial spaces and underground parking in the Narkissim neighborhood, Rishon Lezion


Managing and supervising a residential project for Shikun Ubinuy Read Estate

690 residential units, Or Yam project, Or Akiva

שיכון ובינוי

Engineering supervision for Electra Investments Ltd.

94 residential units in four buildings above underground parking structures, Electra project, Ra’anana


Managing supervision of residential project for Yesodot Eitanim Ltd.

36 residential units of garden and rooftop apartments, Ya’arit project, Shlomi


Planning management for Etz Hashaked Real Estate and America-Israel

360 residential units in eight residential buildings above shared underground parking structures, residential project, Acre

עץ השקד

Management and supervision for Kardan Real Estate

98 residential units in residential tower above underground parking structure, Kiryat Motzkin

70 residential units in residential tower above underground parking structure, Kiryat Motzkin

קרדן נדל"ן
מנרב פרוייקטים

Management and supervision for Minrav Projects Ltd.

400 residential units in Acre, six 15-story buildings, Minrav Moul Hayam project

אלקטרה השקעות

Engineering supervision of residential project for Electra Investments and ZHG Ltd.

745 residential units in Akh’ziv, buildings of 6 to 9 stories, Akh’ziv Living at the Sea project


Managing and supervising residential projects for Arazim Development Ltd.,

a member of Oron Holdings

44 residential units in Kiryat Bialik, four residential buildings above underground parking structure, Concept Plus project

88 residential units in Migdal Ha’emek, four tiered residential buildings, Concept project

חושן הולדינגס

Engineering consultation and ultimate supervision for Hoshen Holdings Group in Europe

Engineering consultation, planning oversight, and ultimate supervision for hundreds of residential units and office buildings in Bucharest

Engineering consultation, planning oversight, and ultimate supervision of future projects

Engineering assistance in buying land and income properties

אפי ניתב

Project management, establishment of engineer hub, and management

of engineering department for Efi Natif Development Ltd.

120 residential units in Kiryat Shmuel, Haifa

48 residential units in Kiryat Shmuel, Haifa

100 residential units in the Weisgal neighborhood, Rehovot

72 residential units in Matzli’ah neighborhood, Ramleh

94 residential units in Ramat Beit Shemesh C1

314 residential units in Har Yona, Nazareth Ilit

53 residential units, including 1,200 square meter of adjacent commercial spaces in Harish, including planning management and ultimate supervision

172 residential units in Kiryat Yam, residential towers, including planning coordination


Management of engineering department for Adama Holdings in Eastern Europe

900 residential units in six different projects of exclusive high-density construction in Bucharest

200 residential units in two projects of mixed high- and low-density construction in Ploiești and its suburbs

134 residential units in high-density construction in Brașov

160 residential units in high-density construction in Iași

200 residential units in high-density construction in Baku

Planning coordination and concept development for thousands of residential units including high-end towers, as well as office buildings and commercial properties

אשל הירדן

Project management for Eshel Hayarden Development and Construction Ltd.

170 residential units, 2,000 square meter of adjacent commercial spaces, a 3,100 square meter parking structure, and overall environmental development, including extensive gardens and playgrounds

86 residential units in Ma’alot

20 low-rise residential units in Shlomi

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